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Success And Wealth Strategy

Written By thewinners on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 | 10:04 PM


The attitude is a determining factor for success in any case you are doing. Einstein said that attitude is 99% determinant of success or failure of a person.
You should have a positive attitude in any field that you do, if you want to obtain success.
Whether you're aware, going melelapkan eyes, work - whatever you do, you should inculcate a positive attitude. If a case is not to be like you expect, you should continue to be positive. If you get through, do not feel bored, otherwise you will have a positive minded and say to yourself "ok, today I missed up, now I need to do your best to this day."
I do not believe that those who succeed in today can reach that stage without having a good attitude and positive.
Actually easier to negative-minded, and to your knowledge, for a positive minded requires little effort. Attach a note on your table, in the car, bathroom mirror that says "ATTITUDE". If you look at that note, pause and think about things that have come into force on that day, and if there are times when you feel positive minded, Think originally and continue the work you do.
If you stay positive, all cases that you do will become easier. If there are cases that do not like you do, do not let it so at the end, even used to do these things and Think "I want to do this work until completion and then I can make the job that I like!". Try this technique and you will definitely feel the difference.

Take action

This is a big issue to most people, they have a good business idea, they told friends about the business about to begin, my friends to be positive and supportive. Then they tell you to several other people became silent sehinggalah granted.
If you have a good idea not a problem, but you need to create action. Then when you've started to do something, you need to take some more steps so sehinggalah achieve success.
If you have any opportunities or ideas during this time, maybe something that had long you Think, stop talking and thinking about it - JUST DO IT.
I have many friends who came to meet and talk about business ideas as if they are telling me to do business. I can help them, give opinions, but the tragedy is 90% than they never make the action. If you do not create an action, you lie to your right for a single success.

Rates How your programmed

Since the school bench again we always thought about as he always told by adults that "learning is good so get a good job." I hope you do one think, I think if we are in school we need to learn what you need and then open your own business!
80% of millionaires in this day achieve their dream by starting his own business. Maybe you already know, if you really want financial freedom, their future is to open their own business.
Surely your own business should bear the risk, and you can reduce this risk by starting a side, and use the techniques that I show with a small capital, but the rewards are numerous and profitable.

Write What You Think

I do not care about anything as good memory you have, but why it needs to left alone. Why should bear the risk if you forgot something important? Write the case that there is difikiran so that you help relieve your brain full of information. If you write you do not need to fear if oblivious to the time required.
If you have ideas - write.
If you have any problems - write.
If you write a problem, you will find that you can think more clearly, and one time later the case is resolved. This technique seems easy, but if you start using it, you will definitely see the difference later.

Set a goal and a Dream

If you do not have goals, you will not be for nothing. You must have matlamat / destination, you need to know where your destination, try to get there and will always remember your dreams. I met many people who might not understand about this concept that says "I dream is to become a millionaire within 5 years" but if you ask how to achieve it, they just stay quiet.
You must have a purpose / matlamat long term, to date 5 years to come, then you should try to achieve it, then set short-term matlamat easier to achieve for example matlamat year, month and week.


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