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How to Increase brain power

Written By thewinners on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 | 2:53 PM

Friends, not everyone is born with a genius brain, which according to many people as a condition for the achievement. That does not mean that the ability of your brain that just plain can not exceed their achievement of smart and genius. All depends on how you maximize the ability of your brain working. Just like our muscles, the more often we use it and practice it, the bigger and stronger abilities. So also with our brains.
If you want to improve your brain skills, including mental awareness, memory enhancement, and increased vigilance, here are easy ways you can do:  

We know the sport better for the health of our bodies. But have we ever think that exercise is also good for our brains? More than 20% of blood and oxygen flowing in our body, flowed directly from the heart to the brain.
Exercise, especially cardio exercise (heart), effectively increases blood flow to the brain. In addition you can also try yoga, which many Yoga positions specifically to obtain blood flow from the heart to the brain more quickly, with the head lower than the position of the heart.
But if you do not have much time for exercise or in haste, simple things like opening the windows of the room and get fresh air, enough to provide freshness to your brain.
In an exhausting and you need a pick-me-up, as much as possible avoid beverages containing caffeine. Indeed, caffeine found in coffee and soft drinks, in a short time able to provide freshness to your brain. But in the long term, make you feel more tired because of dehydration on muscle and constriction of blood vessels. In large quantities, caffeine will give you problems with your digestive system, because caffeine stimulates contractions in the intestines.
What could replace caffeine as a refresher? White Water, is a very simple way to freshen up your muscles and brain. Besides being easily obtained, the price is also very affordable.
Excitatory five senses
Natural Law says there is action there is reaction. Our brain has two main functions, namely sensory and motor. Improving the ability of the brain can be done by giving stimulus to our senses. Just as when we suddenly feel hungry after smelling the delicious cuisine, which received sensory stimulation will stimulate the brain for activity.
Another example, the color pink is a stimulant lust on visual sensors. Or the color of a bright office decor able to relieve the boredom and fatigue.
Aromatherapy is effectively able to make the body become more relaxed. So is the music that can be enjoyed while relaxing.
In the sense of taste, candy papermint believed to improve brain memory so it can receive information effectively.
Brain function, especially memory, does not work well when under stress. If you are tense, tired, or sad, the ability of your memory and alertness to be much reduced.
In this life we could not avoid stress, but we can deal with stress. You can do is try to eliminate the influence of stress on life and your work. Perform activities that can make you happy, with family or with your friends.
Another way that can be done when we are stressed that is by practicing relaxation techniques like yoga, warm baths, relaxation or massage.
Gaming Simplified
Studies conducted in patients with dementia, proving that the word games and puzzles can improve and even restore their mental ability and cognitive. Simple game is a great way to increase the ability of the brain. Because brains are trained to respond and work to solve a problem.
Kind of the best games to train the ability of the brain is a strategy game, where it takes more brain work constantly.
Watching Television
Television programs recommended here is a quality event, which was not all good quality television. The experts indicated that the television show that could enhance the ability of the brain is a program that can invite us to share thinking. Example is the game or quiz show.
Internet Surfing
Research conducted at the University of California - Los Angeles proved that surf the internet (surfing) can stimulate the brain to work optimally in making decisions with the complex considerations. Brain scans performed and showed that more nerves of the brain are active when we surf the Internet than reading books.
The Internet is a world without boundaries where you can get more information outside of your formal education. Not to mention, in the internet there are many types of brain teaser games online that can make you smarter. The more often you surf the internet, the more often your brain works.
To improve your brainpower, also needed nutrients to the brain. The main source of nutrition for the brain is protein. But do not automatically proteins can enhance the ability of the brain, without the help of some important vitamins and minerals. For example Vitamin A, to protect the brain membranes. Vitamin B, essential for the vitality and growth of neurons. Vitamin C, it is very important for improving brain function. Vitamin E, to prevent deterioration of brain function. Magnesium, to maintain the continuity of the process of metabolism of neurons. Zinc, useful for improving cognitive function in the brain. And Amino Acids, necessary for growth and health of neurotransmitters.
Avoid nutritional supplements for the brain, because by consuming a lot of supplements can actually hurt you. Better nutrition for your brain comes from our daily food. And if your physical condition that requires you taking supplements, consult your physician first.
Fish oil
Nutritionists advise us to frequently consume fish oil because fish oil can make the brain to be smart. Because fish oil contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) that is useful to maintain the level of dopamine in the brain remained high, increasing the growth of neurons in the cortex, and improve brain circulation. In other words, Fatty Acids make the brain work to be efficient.
But also keep in mind that eating fish in large numbers, increasing the risk for mercury poisoning.
Natural Medicine
Asia, including Indonesia, famous for its natural treatment. There are many kinds of natural medicines that have been researched proven efficacious as a booster of brain and muscle, and the most famous is the Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng. Even medical drugs do not have a stronger effect of Ginkgo, such as improving brain blood circulation, and improve cognitive abilities. While ginseng is regarded as an icon Asian medicine, have neurological effects that are very strong. Aside from being able to restore and enhance the body's energy, Ginseng can help the brain adapt to the stress agents by increasing production of the hormone adrenaline. The effect, neutralize the cause of stress that affect the brain, and relieving symptoms of primary stress is anxiety.
Learn Something New
This is definitely not as easy as said. Very few people can utilize the time to learn the knowledge and skills beyond the interests of his work or his studies. Learning a foreign language, learn to make some crafts, or learn something foreign to us earlier can improve brain development, and stimulate the parts of the brain that had not been used or not used before.
Many of them think that learning something that is not related to its activities, will only be a waste of time. Clearly, the assumption was wrong. Try to learn something new just 15 minutes a day. In a few weeks you will see tremendous growth within yourself. You will have extensive knowledge, have more friends, and of course will be very positive influence in your life.
Do not Dump Time
Albert Einstein, one of the most famous scientists taught us the theory of relativity and some important advice, one "Make everything as simple as possible." Your brain will not work best when filled with things that are complicated. The best way is to set your mind to lighten your load.
Maximize your time with little change in your self. Never delay the work. If you have spare time now, then do what you can lighten your time later. Create a daily schedule and long term priorities.
If possible try to do the job simultaneously. Examples of Japanese people, when queuing at the counter always bring a book to read. For them time is very important to throw away useless, though only 5 minutes for a ticket queue.
Improve Memory
Basically, there are 3 ways for someone to remember something is to see, hear, and work.For example students, their learning styles vary. There are fast understand something by reading, others by hearing speech teacher, and there is a way to write.
If you want to improve your memory, first know which of these 3 ways the most quickly make you remember something. Then do the loop this way so that your memory is stronger.
When you are tired of thinking, break, just not effective enough to make the brain go back fresh. All you need is sleep. It's time to sleep is needed per person is not the same. But if you force your brain to think when the brain is tired, then it will be not optimal.
If you experience difficulty sleeping disorders, there are effective ways to overcome them.Read the book when going to sleep, and make sure the reading is fiction. Because if you read the book non-fiction or science, will make your brain think and the more difficult to sleep. If you feel your night's sleep is not enough, try to add a little nap.
Sex (especially who are married)
Many effects that occur in your body during sex, and most occur in the brain. There are no activities that exceed the sex that can increase blood flow to the brain and improve cognitive ability drastically. Sexual activity also can produce hormones that dramatically enhance brain function. One of the hormone oxytocin, produced during sexual activity, will increase your brain's ability to think clearly. Serotonin and Dopamine, produced after sexual activity, making the brain can think creatively and calm, and able to make logical decisions.And sexual activity can also help you to get to sleep soundly and comfortably.


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