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How to remove the burden of thinking that exist in our minds

Written By thewinners on Monday, May 9, 2011 | 7:29 PM

With the situation in today's fast-paced sort of bias, etc. automatically and deadline. Therefore a lot of work that awaits us has not finished the work we do already have another job already waiting for us that inevitably we must do and must be completed within a period that have been scheduled as well, and these days we are always pursued with jobs every day after us, so from that e-book that eliminates the burden this brief thoughts like that, so we live our daily lives like a man with no load at all and we finished the job perfectly.
The first way is with us always thank God for that which has given us life until this moment we are still breathing and still can see the beauty of the world so that we are most grateful to Him.
The second way is when the burdens of work are always swirling in our minds, then try to think of beautiful things, beautiful in our work, such as lard remember that await when we finish the job and wonderful things that other, essentially love your work with sincerity so that the job was easy to do.
The third way is to surrender to God when we pray for the given facilities to carry out the work and with a sincere love our job with sincerity we return again to God, because everything in this world will return to God.

hopefully this works..  ^_^


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