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Traditional Arts Banjar

Written By thewinners on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 | 6:08 AM

Cultures that developed in Banjarmasin very little to do with rivers, swamps and lakes, in addition to the mountains. Plants and animals that inhabit this area is very much used to fulfill their lives. Their daily lives that inhabit this region by utilizing the natural environment with the results of cultural objects which are adjusted. almost all their lives completely relegius. In addition, also an agrarian society, merchants with the support of the technology remains largely traditional.
Kekerabatanmulai loose ties compared with the past, orientation towards life more kinship to the intellectual and religious. Religious emotions are still clearly visible on the lives of all ethnic groups residing in South Kalimantan.
Urang Banjar develop cultural systems, social systems and cultural material related to relegi, through various processes of adaptation, acculturation and assimilation. So that appears to the intermingling of cultural aspects. Nevertheless the views or the influence of Islam is more dominant in the cultural life of Banjar, almost identical with Islam, particularly with a view associated with the deity (Tawheed), although in everyday life there are elements of cultural origin, Hinduism and Buddhism.
Sculpture and architecture Banjar traditional cultural assimilation appears once, as well as household appliances, transport, Dance, etc. Nyayian.
Banjar society has been familiar with various types and forms of art, both Art Classical, Folk Art, and Art Religious Art that belongs to the people of Banjar like:
Tradition Theatre / Theatre People
Among others Mamanda, Puppet Gung, Abdul Mulk greedy, Horse Gepang, Stories Damarwulan, Tantayungan, Wayang Kulit, Theatre Tutur.

Music Arts
Among others Kuriding, bags skelter, Kintunglit, tube, Bamboo Flute, Music Score, Salung Ulin, Kateng Kupak.

Sinoman Hadrah and Rudat
Sinoman Hadrah and Rudat sourced than the culture brought by traders and penda'wah Islam from Arabia and Persia and into mixed cultures grown on coastal communities to the east coast of South Kalimantan.
Worship and praise to God and the Prophet Muhammad SAW fill poems and rhymes that are sung in rhythm Qasidah shouted in a melodious, protected by an umbrella (a symbol of greatness in the traditional life in Indonesia), a jellyfish, in a dynamic movement.


a. Dance Tradition: Balian, Gantar, Bakanjar, Babangai
b. Classical Dance: Baksa Kambang, Mask, Radap Rahayu
c. Folk Dance: Japin Sisit, Tirik Lalan, Peat, Horse Gepang, Rudat etc.

imagetarian surup from Tanbu (MB)

Literary Arts
Among others Kuriding, bags skelter, Kintunglit, tube, Bamboo Flute, Music Score, Salung Ulin, Kateng Kupak.

a. Poem: Tale, History, Religious

b. Pantun: Regular, Quick, Bakait
Fine arts
Among other ornaments, masks and Sculpture.

Maayam palupuh wall, roof maulah, Wantilan, maulah habang sugar, maulah lunkhead Kandangan, maulah apam Barabai, maulah sasapu fibers, manggangan, maulah wadai, maulah failed katupat, maaym coconut banjo, etc. (sumb: her site's Site)

Tribe Banjar develop arts and culture are fairly complete, although its development is not maximized, covering various fields of arts and culture.

'Dance' Dance Banjar tribe is divided into two, namely the art of dance developed in the palace (palace), and the art of dance developed by the people. Dance palace marked with the name "Baksa" which comes from the Javanese (Beksan) that indicates smoothness of motion in order dance. These dances have been there hundreds of years ago, since the time of Hindu, but the movement and clothing has been adjusted to the situation today. For example, certain movements that are considered incompatible with Islamic adab a slight change. Banjar area of ​​dance famous example:

Dance Baksa Kembang, in welcoming guests great.
Dance Baksa Arrow
Dance Baksa Dadap
Baksa Candle Dance
Dance Baksa Shields
Dance Radap Rahayu, in a marriage ceremony
Horse Dance braid
Dance Japin / Jepen
Dance Tirik
Dance Gandut
Other Banjar Dance

Regional Songs
Banjar is famous for folk songs for example:

Banana-Ampar Ampar
Sweep Hand Babuncu Ampat
Paris Barantai
Lagu Banjar other
List of singer-song Banjar
List creator songs Banjar

Arts Dwimatra

Art Matting
Art woven with the material of rattan, bamboo and Purun very artistic. Wicker rattan form of bags and caps.

Art Glass Painting
Art glass painting developed in the fifties, the result is buroq painting, Adam and Eve with the fruit kholdi, calligraphy mosques and so forth. Variety hiasnya very much be applied to furniture tumpal, sawstika, geometric, flora and fauna.

Art chisel / Carve
Sculpture consisting of chisel ebb (shallow) and chisel screw my maid (intact). Applied to the wood carving and brass. Wood carving applied to household tools, parts of houses and mosques, boat parts and parts of the cupola of the tomb. Applied brass engraving brass objects such as Cerana, Abun, pakucuran, lisnar, fireplace, kettle, sasanggan, small cannon and so forth. Tree of Life motif carvings eg, double helical, swastika, tumpal, kawung, geometric, stars, animals flora, calligraphy, and Turkish motifs Arabes.
Arts tridimensional (Traditional House)
Banjar traditional house there are several types, but the most prominent was the House of ridge height, which is where the king's residence (palace). Type of house occupied by a person shows the status and position in society. The types of home Banjar:

High ridge house, the residence of the king
Gajah Baliku house, the residence of a close relative of the king
Elephant house Manyusu, the residence "pagustian" (nobleman)
Houses for Boys Hall, the residence of the minister and courtier
Balai Bini house, the residence of the royal family and the woman's nurse
Palimbangan house, the residence of the scholars, and merchants
Houses Palimasan (Elephant House), storage of valuables (treasurer)
Cacak Bird Houses (House Anjung Surung), the residence of ordinary people
Alas fed home
Lanting's house, a house on water
Houses Joglo Warehouse
Houses Build Warehouse

Wayang Banjar
Wayang Banjar consists of wayang kulit and wayang puppet called Gung / puppet Gong.

Mamanda a traditional theater art Banjarese.

Based Banjar Traditional Art Literature (Folklore Banjar)

Madihin, Icons Ethnic Linguistic Intelligence Banjar in South Kalimantan


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