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Thing Not Good For Health

Written By thewinners on Saturday, May 21, 2011 | 7:34 AM

1. Listening to music on headphones
I like listening to music through headphones. .. Are ...???? Please note this risk. Can occur on a daily basis to prevent noise for a long time and very often heard in the noise. The issue of the European Commission study, the risk of hearing damage loud speakers over a period of five years (more than 100 dB), and showed on training and listening to music over time.
Current estimates suggest that 50 to listen to music on headphones 100 million active daily. Based on studies, most of them more than 89 dB of noise (about 90% of the volume) determine the size of the compensation. Deafness (hearing loss) the type of nerve damage caused by noise and sensorineural hearing loss of the cochlea.
Ear, nose and throat), RSCM, Jakarta and the strong vibrations and waves, says the Ministry of SpTHT Suwento dr.Ronny and loud voices damage the cochlea of ​​the inner ear hair cells."Electrical impulses to the brain to interpret it properly and there is nothing to be transferred to prevent you from reaching the auditory nerve damage," says Rooney. Hearing loss from noise exposure continues. "Perhaps the first failure of our years of a person, 4000-500 dB, you feel you do not use sound in everyday communications," he said. "Threshold of hearing loss may not be heard in the last slow moment," said Dr. Rooney said.
The ear itself, you can hear this process in different parts of the creation of jobs and will be able to work together to understand the world around him. But a lot of noise around us, damaged, loud or subtle cochlear inner ear (cochlea) hair cells. These hair cells function to detect the frequency of sound is central auditory perception in the brain transmitted.The result is what the best device the headset in the maximum size (intensity 100 dB) has a digital music player to play has been connected, the comment he had heard up to five minutes per day, and we know that 90% of the volume should be suspended (90 dB) for 18 minutes. Volume of 80% (80 dB) 1,2 per day, which enabled the maximum amount of time possible. It should be 70% (70 dB) per day to about 4.6 which is against the amount of time. Noise increases the risk of injury. Because it is so, it is safe, you should use on low volume.
, Remember the saying: "Do you loud is too old, you too?" We, too, and we are older than the actual age of retirement because of hearing impairment and hear audio devices.2. Wear tight jeans pants
In recent years, with the help of model tight jeans (a pencil) and trends in the field of youth. In fact, Changcuters, Indonesia and even top artists, it became one of the lovers of this type of pants. Clear, this is not the tight pants, but like the second skin attached to the wearer.Real tight jeans, a myriad of users. However, I understand the negative effects of wearing pants that I probably only a handful of people. According to Dr. Ryan Thamrin, the problem is more common in women with tight jeans. Including:
MenTight jeans, because it uses heat to the cause of the genital area is often detrimental to sperm. The results of research in Indonesia, said that wearing tight jeans in many cases, the men reduced sperm quality. As previously mentioned, in general, and the number of sperm per milliliter of the amount of 60000000, you can significantly reduce the 20 million per milliliter.
This can be explained scientifically. Mount race can not come out because the temperature near the penis, sexual organs and the scrotum is not to protect the layer potential negative effects on sperm quality, as a rule. And can lead to mold to the temperature of the testes to increase the sperm. If, as passed itching for the deployment of the testicles.
For womenMany women want to look sexy, so you see tend to wear tight clothes to show their shape. In particular, this kind of pants they are often very students and pupils, and the selection of the most important, please wear tight jeans. But it is always less for the health of jeans, genital knew very well when worn.
This is what Jane's thick enough material to allow things like jeans or jeans fit directly on the person's body. This eliminates a lot of sweat production can cause a burning sensation in the organs of women. Since the local sweat dries quickly, while also require adequate air circulation, and stops air circulation in the world of femininity, through the thick material positive.
It is usual in such cases is the area moist and easier to move the mold growth. In addition, the greater the risk of infection and inflammation. It threatens the health of women of reproductive organs at risk, and if allowed to continue. Finally, the stomach bladder (urination) and the door (toilet), it is always under depression, but also through the use of socks is a pain in the stomach, and stopped breathing. If you are tights and in this way effectively through the intersection, then you should consider.
3. Put your pants back pocket wallet
The back pocket in my wallet in the pants normal? Please note. And can in practice affect the nerves of the body. The experts showed people sitting in the wallet in my back pocket risk of adverse Trousers main nerve. Called the name of the syndrome hip pocket, or purse is neuropathy, has become a very common condition in the community. Putting people in the back pocket portfolio always, the team most vulnerable to the risk of disease.
The physiotherapists who complained to a significant increase in patients with back pain and suspected in a portfolio of one of the main reasons for this condition. Said Julian them, "We have come to the clinic with complaints that are more and more, this condition can be pressing on a nerve in the back of the body, can portfolio sciatica in the course of time I have patients that are operated by position", Bakkuhasutohiru, in Essex, a specialist Physiotherapy, BBC News, Monday (14/03/2011) as saying.
Them, the driver of a car and money, and you know at work that do not suppress body's nervous time. This requirement is in the sitting or lying down, walking, ankle pain, numbness and pain may cause the bottom. If someone in the back pocket portfolio, it is aware of the muscles and bones, did not mention the most important reason for the imbalance in the nervous system. This flaw is sitting next to someone, and they try to maintain the balance to tilt the pelvis.
These conditions, and two curves of the spine to one or more positions, including possibly to compensate for any parallel. He is not aware of the shoulders can be removed. Neck, back and shoulder for what you can your wallet back pocket cause pain. Even if you believe that man is not a complaint, should avoid this practice.
You can, however, some of siouxcityjournal.com done to remove it to avoid the risk of neurological disorders:1. Stretch a little before the meeting of Operations2. To remove the wallet from the back pocket before he even fatter wallet3. Other alternatives pocket or purse and leave your wallet in the Force4. Such as sitting on a flat surface, and a comfortable chair or sofa, do not interfere with proper nerve and bone and muscle structure5. Your complaint is not a bad thing happens when you consult a physiotherapist to improve your position immediately.
4. Bones of the neck / rings and other organizations
Head and neck pain after the massage and really comfortable when you turn. I felt the pain in my head, and there is dizziness, and only after you hear it, usually if you have a headache and dizziness.
In fact, the practice is a serious side effects too. Pinched one of them can be, between the bones of the tail nerve in his neck. Brian Cassaza at the University of California in the state of Maryland, according to the United States If you pinched nerve in the neck while the coccyx. Thus, the impact may vary from the nerve tissue, and bemacam procedure. But in general, is the brain and other organs would be difficult to limbs. Usually, the experience was like a robot, such as the brain can not give instructions to diiinginkan organs of the body.
I can not suppress the base fingers and sandals walking like a robot, if a person with sandals and sandals, you can bet your feet are separated from their light unpleasant. Or, if you need a meal to feed. However, there are people like a spoon to the edge of the lip to make it very difficult to buy the food chain.
Similar in the neck, and can move to one that is in the ankle usually a good episode so far, the track because it violates the usual rules of dalamnya.Jika common habit of Osteochondral damage can be done continuously for chronic joint disease that lead in the future.

Noise, "Kretek" where I come from that?
Biological scientists that (listen to audio analysis) with a sensitive microphone that size to reflect on what happened (if you know the joints of the fingers bend to determine the amount withdrawn.) Normally, when two separate votes on the ankle found 2 membuyikan. Takashi Seki joints are able to bend your fingers. Bone common room, and tapes on each side of a common space and join the liquid bone bone (size) between.
Their fingers ("menceklek" joint) in the drawing occupies an area of ​​common place Hiroshi Kina. As a result, the lower the pressure of a shared space. Attention to the difference immediately. With low pressure, and it was only 1000 seconds (in most cases, carbon dioxide) bubble. As shown, the gas in the first meeting vocal pop.
Bubble to fill the joint space by 15 percent. Common room, and paid for it suddenly become full of bubbles cut off suddenly pushed the liquid ligaments. If the tape is "pay back" sound in second place. Lost energy is about 7% of the joints, it is necessary that the cartilage damage is very low. However, if you're often a lot of other history.
Dr. Danieruanga ankles, ringing in the left hand for 50 years, and research. Then he left the right hand (in many cases, the common snapping reserved) compared with (not degrees) and was not affected by the right hand in his left arm, by arthritis, and one man is a very small part.
In another study, which examined 300 episodes knuckle 35 years. Rheumatoid arthritis hand. Building together (no big deal) was. But the surprise with their hands in the hands of power seharusanya 4 / 1 the strong weak?
This, the ring finger to avoid confusing your book 35 years in a short time, you may not open a jar of jam! What do you think? But again, I was in the ankle "menceklek" Do you?
5. Night bus
The bus is one of the efforts to cleanse the body. Bathing is usually later in the day after work at night and wake up in the morning and is twice a day. Most of the jobs are bad, because even bit tonight with the exception of the afternoon did not get to the bathroom at night. Then what is the impact of buses on the night of bad for health?

In the system, and Leah dr.Cici Novita, after a shower at night, arthritis, heart disease, did not have any negative effects on health care for people who do not have a history of certain diseases such as asthma. If recognized, the night air, especially in Indonesia, when the body is cold very cold already, and thereby increase the moisture is given. "The problem is not in good health as rheumatic diseases such as heart disease and asthma," he said.
In patients who suffer from rheumatism, diseases of the joints affected, and we happened because of the common cold or the pain of arthritis and severe, and we know that the subject of rheumatic attack can have a bath at night is not recommended. "If you are over the morning swim, so why should always shower at night, so the body does not freeze to avoid unexpected results," medicine, he said, Gadjah Mada University College, undergraduate and postgraduate Mada).
In fact, on the night of bathing culture, which directly affect the spread of rheumatic diseases. If there is a history of rheumatic disease before the evening bath already had an impact on the occurrence of joint pain. Has participated in the following common tersuplainya constriction of blood vessels because of the cold pain in oxygen.
It was a night bus with warm water and the body, however, consider if very cold, not patients. "In order to rheumatism wear warm, in fact, it does not matter. In addition, very hot when you're tired body. It is more deep sleep and shower," said Cici.
On board the bus for the night for pregnant women, Dr. Cici is the same. As a general rule, if she is pregnant, even in the cold contraction of blood vessels occurs only in the body, you have to use warm water. "Thus, the risk of headaches to avoid warm water. You can expand the blood vessels to reduce the warm waters," he said. Also in the morning. If the weather is cold, it's good for people with arthritis in a warm bath. "He is not night and day, only to air temperature and water.
Even if we have arthritis, you know that? It is one of the symptoms of arthritis, often move in the morning, and people feel the pain of arthritis joint pain new, are described. May be caused by the disease of obesity in all age groups, the risk in older patients.
Is actually the inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis, and many of the species, "says Dr. Cici. Types of arthritis depends on the cause of rheumatoid arthritis. Most arthritis is an inflammation of the joints caused. This can occur, arthritis, and the lack of estrogen, occurring genetic factors of osteoporosis and other people to actually request food for special restrictions on food. Gout is associated with the disease a normal diet. "He said that the symptoms similar to arthritis.


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