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Facts About Sex Passion

Written By thewinners on Thursday, May 26, 2011 | 4:02 AM

Facts About Sex Passion - Sex was always a discussion that never-ending. No wonder if more than one billion people to find the data about sex in cyberspace. Not only the fact that men prefer women with seductive curves than skinny women, also known startling facts about sexual arousal.

Neuroscientists, Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam tried to track the sites visited by more than 100 million men and women to know the process of the emergence of sexual arousal in the brain. As a result, more than one billion searches related sites reveal some facts of sexual arousal. Here are eight of them, as quoted from pages Shine.

1. Kissing is more easy to make him excited. Visual stimuli can also quickly excite a man. Like, look a little sexy female body parts and never discriminate shape.

2. Age plays an important role in determining sexual arousal. In an online search on porn sites, most popular keywords used were 'Erotic', 'Youth' and 'Gay'.

3. In terms of passion, men do not consider the size of bra. However, cup size C is a favorite of men.

4. Men are three times more often looking for photographs of women with sexy curves compared to underweight women find photos.

5. Men are very happy watching video porn. This is evident from 75 per cent of visitors to the site that provides porn videos and photos is a male porn. They are also so visitors who are willing to pay to watch the video.

6. Women prefer to read and discuss the erotic stories. This is evident with 75 per cent of visitor sites that present stories porn are women. Many of them will pay for and engage in discussions related to the content.

7. Sexual arousal in women vary. Women tend to develop into arousal stimuli. Sexual desire and arousal seem to always change from time to time or in accordance with the monthly cycle.

8. Sexual arousal in men tend to the same. They will feel passionate about the same things as when they had just puberty, although their physical and emotional changes. -  Facts About Sex Passion


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