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Best Alcoholic Beverage Dangers

Written By thewinners on Monday, May 9, 2011 | 9:56 PM

The story of the forbidden fruit in the story of Adam and Eve, there are many types of foods that are prohibited from circulation in some countries. Many reasons made, ranging from religious, moral, environmental, humanitarian, to health.In Indonesia, people are familiar with the types of kosher food is not related to Islamic teachings. As a predominantly Muslim country, in the end no kosher food sources such as meat and pig oil into a kind of food 'forbidden' for general consumer products.In many countries, cases of forbidden foods centuries has emerged since last year. Not only food that does not comply with religious teachings, but also that endanger the health or violate the moral and social order.Here are two of the 10 types of forbidden foods is quite popular in some countries in the world.

 AbshinteMinumal alcohol into prohibited its circulation in a number of countries in the 1800s. Consumption abshinte considered triggers an increase in crime and mental disorder. Products that had gone on the market before quietly emerged in the late 1800s.Entering 1915, abshinte back into serious conversation. Almost all countries in Europe intensified announced a ban on the product distribution. Experts say, abshinte contain harmful substances that can trigger psychological problems although the levels slightly.At present, abshinte can still be found in several countries such as France and the Republic of Czechs. While in America, a number of bars abshinte market with 75 per cent level, which is usually diluted with water.

Beluga Caviar Wild
LiarPada 2005 beluga caviar ago, bodies of fish and wildlife protection of the United States banned imports of beluga caviar from the Caspian Sea. Because the lives of endangered beluga sturgeon. In 2007, the ban lifted with 96 tons of caviar restrictions which sold all over the world. That is why, until now beluga caviar is still hard to find.If you really want to enjoy the wild beluga caviar, you have to spend more money. A site selling caviar costing U.S. $ 2,095 (USD 19 million) per 250 grams of caviar or seniali hundreds of dollars every small spoon.


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