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Banjarmasin Floating Market

Written By thewinners on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 | 5:48 AM

Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan provincial capital, bearing the title of "the country a thousand rivers". Although the number of rivers in the city was increasingly diminished, at least until the current activity in the rivers through the city of Banjarmasin still crowded.

Martapura River, the main river which divides the city, there are still many klotok (motorized boat) passing by, and the water of the river which divides the flow path is exposed. Klotok-klotok that in addition to transporting goods to and from the hinterland there is also a function as cheap public transport, which can also rent anywhere.

Next to the western city of Banjarmasin, there is a large river that became the pulse of Central Kalimantan and South Kalimantan, namely Sungai Barito. Kuin River which empties into the Barito River, there are markets whose activities on the river, which is known as "floating market". Here both buyers and sellers alike use boats (no motorized canoe) or klotok.

As the market in general, there must be some people who sell food. The difference is, because the kiosk in the river, then it is klotok shop that doubles as a floating shop. In the vicinity of the River Estuary Kuin floating market, there are two floating shop. The second position is adjacent stalls, and is located on the west pier Kuin. Floating shop was the only early morning, following the floating market schedule. So, for those who like to wake up day, certainly will not miss out. Banjar menyindirnya with the adage, "Amun melandau chickens pecked" (if you oversleep, chickens pecked sustenance). Although klotok shaped, floating shop is like another stall. There is a dining table, kitchen, dish racks and hand washing. However, due to low roof and no seats, then all should sit cross-legged. If we want to eat in the shop, we have approached the shop with klotok or boats, and menambatkannya at the shop so as not to drift while our delicious meals. In a floating shop, if there are plenty of visitors can be tethered for more than four klotok.

Dishes at the stall was not unlike floating stalls banjo region, namely, Soto Banjar, Soup, Nasi Kuning, Nasi Rawan (ala sweet Rawon Banjar), Karih (curry) and wadai-wadai (typical hawker banjo). Food is usually a favorite of visitors Soto Banjar. Soto Banjar has a distinctive taste, with chicken broth is very painful, usually served with rice cake / rice cake. Savory and slightly thick gravy. Broth viscosity was originally obtained from the collision boiled potatoes mixed with egg yolk. But now many sellers soto banjo that replacing them with milk and margarine. Taste delicious chicken broth more so with chicken meat and eggs are sliced ​​thinly and sprinkled on soup. "If another chicken, sometimes savory, pang!," Said the seller. As a complement added meatball fried potatoes and garlic.

Soto Banjar, served with lemon biscuits (lemon lime which wrinkled skin), which sliced ​​a small, sweet chilli sauce and soy sauce, which also always accompany other dishes typical banjo. The warmth of this soup is very fitting if eaten in the morning. Especially for the sauce, for those who are not familiar with perawit chili, chili sauce main ingredients, you should not mengobralnya in food. Pungency exceeds lombok lombok / other chili.

Soto Banjar portion is usually made to bear, does it mean when one dish was lacking. So no wonder when the visitors added portion, or sample wadai a very wide range. Wadai banjo tends to sweet and sticky, with most of the basic ingredients of rice flour, coconut milk and brown sugar. For example overlay tatak banana, which is similar to hawker nogosari in Java. Or bingka, which contains a variety of materials ranging from potatoes, pumpkin (squash), coconut, eggs. Even now there is also contain cheese, durian and others depending on orders.

If you want even more to enjoy wadai, around the many stalls selling wadai djoekoeng special. To take wadai from boats wadai that, provided the end of the flute pole mounted hook. So that buyers can take the boats wadai wadai it without the need to move closer. But be careful, be careful to use a gaff hook is made of iron spears. One-one can get one or seller.

Seeing the floating markets and river transportation while eating at a floating shop does give other shades, especially for the usual activities on land. But beware, for those unfamiliar with the swaying of the ship in the water, often causing drunken river. Because of its position in the middle of the river full of activity, it will always rippling river water, causing a stall is always wagging. Well, if drunk, drop it already delicious foods were swallowed froth.


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