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SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) PT. Holcim Indonesia, Tbk.

Written By thewinners on Monday, May 9, 2011 | 7:38 PM

A. ProfilePT. Holcim Indonesia, Tbk. is a manufacturer of cement companies in Indonesia formerly known as PT. Semen Cibinong Tbk. alternation of names along with mastering the majority of company shares by Holcim Ltd.., company name change made on January 1, 2006. This name change also followed by a subsidiary company of PT Semen Cibinong Tbk, which changed its name to PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk. starting January 1, 2005 and also PT Trumix Beton to PT Holcim Beton. The purpose of the change in name because the company wishes to inform that the company is part of an international group, namely Holcim Ltd.. Besides the name, Semen Cibinong also will replace the company logo.

PT. Holcim is a pioneer and innovator in Indonesia are engaged in the manufacture and PT semem. Holcim is the only provider of integrated nine different types of cement, concrete and aggregates. The products manufactured by PT. Holcim is a product that is still associated with building materials, with a focus on the creation of quality cement, cement and mortar in the form of an instant, and supporting devices commonly in the form of modules filling cement blocks that can be used as a substitute for bricks. PT. Holcim is building a unique franchise in providing a complete solution for building homes or homes at affordable prices. For that Holcim trained more than 3,000 masons, more than 43 franchisees and more than 9,000 retail outlets throughout the island of Java.
Vision and Mission
1. VisionBeing the best and most respected performing Indonesian companies in our industry, ranking among the best in the Holcim Group.
2. MissionPT Holcim Indonesia Tbk through the manufacture and sale of cement, concrete, aggregates and community development, will provide the maximum sustainable profit return to shareholders while maintaining a responsible care duties to all stakeholders.
B. SWOT AnalysisStrengths1. PT management commitment. Holcim who want to make the brand and its products as the top choice of consumers, and therefore management of Holcim create new divisions, namely Marketing & Branding. The presence of this division is part of the process by the company improve itself.2. Business strategy of PT. Holcim is the competitive advantage of differentiation (create innovative products and services that are based on periodic survey market needs)3. Marketing strategy of PT. Holcim trying to build market through Brand Building by advertising that cost up to Rp 34.91 billion in 2006, or 9 times the cost of ad-owned cement Three Wheels Indocement.4. PT. Holcim can convert sales into cash within a short time. PT. Holcim able to convert sales into cash within 61 days, faster than the 76 days of Semen Gresik, and Indocement 106 days (Bisnis Indonesia, March 26, 2008). Thus, the velocity of money Holcim better than its rivals so that Holcim is more flexible in using the funds.5. Products - Product Page. Herein are classified as product that has never existed before. For example, earthquake-resistant houses, blocks module houses an effective and cost-effective development, and also the latest program, launched Holcim, namely Holcim Home Solution program.6. Cooperation PT. Holcim with the Polytechnic of Jakarta for the empowerment of human resources.7. Holcim uses the internal group servers used to connect the factories in the country, and exchange information and coordinate programs across the Holcim plant.Weaknesses1. Debt PT. Holcim is very much cause PT. Holcim must set a high price to immediately pay off the debt. According to Bisnis Indonesia edition of March 26, 2008, Holcim foreign debt reached U.S. $ 300 million, compared to the largest foreign debt issuers other cement. Holcim net debt ratio is 91.07%, Indocement 22.18%, and 3.8% of Semen Gresik.2. The ability of lower sales, particularly in corporate sales exposure to the outside of Java. It happens because the production capacity of PT. Holcim is the lowest compared to Semen Gresik and PT Indocement and location of the factory. Holcim is concentrated in Java.3. However, cement is a product that is bulky or has a heavy weight, components of transport costs will be high so increase the cost to be borne by PT. Holcim.Opportunities1. PT. Holcim Indonesia Tbk. are the property of PT. Holcim Ltd.. which is the largest cement company in the world.2. With the creation of products - product innovation, PT. Holcim has to compete kemumgkinan superior to other cement cement companies in Indonesia.3. Tim Geocycle PT. Holcim provides complete solutions for industrial waste, municipal, and agriculture. PT. Holcim pioneered the safe disposal of ozone depleting CFC gases - the first facility in Southeast Asia so as to eliminate the environment from carbon emissions.4. Potential materials - the raw material of cement production in Indonesia is quite a lot.Threats / Threats1. Semen Gresik market reach that is a competitor of PT. Holcim is very broad because it has the market for Java Semen Gresik, Semen Padang to the region of Sumatra, and Semen Tonasa to the Sulawesi region.


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