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Robert Pattinson Afraid perform on-stage

Written By thewinners on Saturday, May 21, 2011 | 7:41 AM

Create actor or actress, can appear directly above the stage is an achievement in itself. The same hair, Robert Pattinson, although the lead at the western end is not something easy. Not because they are not able to Robert, but he feared that if the already destroyed at a later stage theatrical performances by the public which is expected to Robert Patterson appears in the film.

"In fact, I want to play theaters in London, but I fear that staging so they will turn to the ceremony NSYNC, or people expect me to like in the twilight, " said Robert Patterson, as quoted by the news from Splash.

"From my experience in the theater, I know we are usually with the encouragement of spectators who come and expect to be a successful organization, but when I was at the premiere, I felt a visitor who attracted me, and expect something from me, and I always felt exhausted after that, and we must Be tired too if I had to experience everything on stage, every night, "explained Robert Patterson again
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