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Secrets of "Language" Women

Written By thewinners on Thursday, May 26, 2011 | 3:47 AM

Secrets of "Language" Women - As a woman, sometimes you feel the need to cover up feelings. One could even say, women are very powerful in regulating the secret meaning behind his words, especially when facing or argument with their partner.

Maybe you often reveal six following statement that was launched Shine, to cover up feelings. What are they?

1. "Alright"
This is usually expressed when a woman wants to end an argument with her ​​partner. Actually, he knew if he was right and reveal "all right" only for silent partner. This is just to make a pause to "phase argument" next.

2. "Five minutes"
This statement was also frequently asked the man. However, if a woman say this, meaning he asks her partner for at least wait for about 15 minutes.

3. "Nothing"
This statement is the same as "You never understand what I experienced. " This is usually expressed long before the argument.

4. "No problem"
When a woman is cast "no problem" could be he is being lazy argument. But if one day the problem happen again, he might be very emotional, even can not control.

5. "Just do it"
If a woman disclose it to her partner, certainly not a normal statement. But, rather as a challenging statement
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