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love poems

Written By thewinners on Sunday, May 22, 2011 | 7:08 AM

My Beloved ...
Mirror of the soul is like an echo
to shake the heart of the trough keraga
Embers to provide warmth and
Frozen heart of travelers

Lover ...
Great loyalty to the skin of longing
Waiting arms like waves on the beach
He muffled silence

Lover ...
Like a flower bud to maintain a high
Love is never too dark tops
Cocker was falling to the spirit of the sea,
A breath of air guns

Lover ...
Patience is a coral growth at the bottom of my heart
Integrated AC power supply variation
Buried in the wound when fervent desire to slander
The story of dark gray past

Lover ...
Pearl drop of rain fell in a rational
Gift wrapped in despair
When the time comes, to open the
The window period can kusibak

Lover ...
The praise in the lobby promised Sakai Akira
Directly encountered the true face of
Sacred vows of love
Paste two etched hearts


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