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How to control anger, how to eliminate that nature seriously.

Written By thewinners on Thursday, May 19, 2011 | 10:47 AM

1. Feel the taste of others
Try to imagine if we are angry with someone else. Now swap the position that insulted the victim's presence. On how to be rebuked. If the anger and explain nature, it may be reasonable, but if anger is blind and is clear, of course, will be smiling with them.
2. Calm the heart in a comfortable place
If you get angry, turn your attention to what you love and forget everything that happened. In a quiet and beautiful places such as parks, beaches, parks, and living room, and so on, a place suitable for you. If the emotions are more likely to update to shed light on the recovery will be indispensable.
3. Looking for a favorite business
In order to forget the incident or what we need to have something to anger, anger growing distracted by doing something fun, and can make us forget the problems they face. Listen to examples such as music and playing PS2 win atheist century, playing the guitar or read other musical instruments, books, chat, chayang chayangan with beloved idol of the heart, and write articles, and the movie box office, and so on. Avoid blunders such as smoking, drug, and so on.
4. Heart Line / Curhat can trust other people
I tell all what happens to us may be able to contribute in some way to ensure the burden on the liver. Do not trust people who we do not want to rely on others for our personal curhatan who do not want to prevent proliferation. Bercurhatlah on friends, boyfriend / girlfriend, wife, parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and so on.
5. The search for causes and solutions
When you calm your mind, try to start the cause of the problem and how to find the best way to solve it. To increase the ease of white paper and pencil to the list of issues that you have and what to write with a solution or solutions to these problems. Choose the best solution to solve every problem exists. Perhaps it is all that would reduce the burden on your mind.
6. Want to be good
Good people because you are often on the screen is usually the person alone if they permsalahan angry to a degree not intended to harm others, and try always the best way is still there. Making sure people are seen as good. If you want to be evil, it is up to you.
7. Cuek and forget about the existing problems
If we are angry, and we realize that the wrap to overcome with anger, then is indifferent to your anger. Change anger to something that is important. For example, in the heart to say: Ah .... Similarly, Cook can aja kayak be angry, and not really important ...
8. Before acting rational
Before other people angry I tried to think first whether you deserve this problem on a crazy level of anger. Sometimes there are people to other people diliatin very angry and rude, in direct reference to struggle invitation loud /. And should not be a trivial problem and reduce the excessive not a major problem.
9. Diversification objectives, goals and dream life
More and more of the ideals and dreams in your life, and the need to do more things that you are tracking from now on. Imagine your dream and dreams at the highest level possible, but achievable, if done seriously and work hard. This makes it trivial things are not very important because you're too busy with knitting your future. After furious lust is wasting your precious time.
10. To subjugate and control the emotions of anger does not
People who are light enough to make people angry and uncomfortable around him, and certainly not very good. Is social life to be a bad person. Explain to me is not easily angered. Chill out and something that is not important to look cool. The purpose of life is most important. Think of uncontrolled anger is the greatest enemy, and if you need someone to get it under control.
11. Not easily tense
To calm the anger of others who participate, we should not be emotional in dealing with people with anger to the problem is not a coherent complex. Just listen to what to teach and said he would not answer much. Relax and not abide by a lot and include in the hearts, it does not matter what people say angry. Just take the essence and discard the rest, so we do not emotions, or add the burden of memory.
12. Apologize
When angry about something when we do not our fault, to explain, but if it was a mistake and apologize, of course, and ends either very calm and patience in dealing with anger forms. Fire-fighting water, fire and not enemy fire.
Well, these are the tips to ease the anger. Good luck taming your anger emotions.


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