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Written By thewinners on Monday, May 9, 2011 | 8:05 PM

Sampoerna was founded in 1913 in Surabaya by Liem Seeng Tee and his wife Siem Tjiang Nio, Chinese immigrants from Fujian, China with the name of Liem Seeng Tee Handel Maastchpaij which later turned into NV Handel Maastchapij Sampoerna.
This company won kesuksessan with brand Dji Sam Soe in the 1930's until the arrival of Japan in 1942 which devastated the business. After such time, the son of Liem, Aga Sampoerna took over the leadership and revived the company with a more modern management. Also changed the company name as the name is now. Also, see the popularity of clove cigarettes in Indonesia, he decided to only produce cigarettes only.
The next generation, Putera Sampoerna is the generation that brought PT. Sampoerna goes a step further breakthroughs that do, such as the introduction of low bernikotin cigarettes, A Mild and business expansion through ownership in the company Alfa supermarket, and for a moment, in the field of banking.
In 2000, the son of the Son, Michael, go to the board of directors and served as CEO. In March 2005, the company was later acquired by Philip Morris.

Former President Commissioner of PT. Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna Tbk. and several other companies. Mr Sampoerna studying abroad and in the United States, at Houston University, Texas. He established the Foundation in 2001 and became involved in philanthropic activities in various regions in Southeast Asia for 25 years. He currently heads the Sampoerna Strategic, which has a portfolio of various types of business.
Sampoerna Foundation also focuses on the development of postgraduate education system (S2). The purpose of this program is to increase the capacity of selected universities to be able to become one of the best business schools in the PT. Sampoerna continuously monitor the implementation of new programs to ensure quality, transparency and sustainability of each program. Our team has also been assigned to monitor the financial operations and control program.
Foundation aims to make Indonesia the country safe, comfortable and prosperous to start a family. We aim to improve the welfare of the Indonesian people through education and development of the leaders of nations in the future. Therefore, the Foundation intends to provide intellectual and moral capabilities for the future generation.
Another Mission Foundation is to assist Indonesia in childbirth educators effective community and have ethics in a global environment. As an independent organization, the Foundation works with a number of institutions and the private sector in improving the education system in Indonesia. We warmly welcome any assistance and continues to seek support from both the private sector, national and international institutions who have a desire to participate in creating a better education and quality in Indonesia.
The corporate culture that developed in the PT. HM. Sampoerna is always updated so that is adaptive in the face of the challenge environment. As one tobacco company in the world's largest family who still survive, the company's history can not and should not be separated from the history of the Sampoerna family devotion in developing PT. HM. Sampoerna, which until now has been through 3 generations, and now continued oIeh grandson, Putera Sampoerna, who had appeared for the company's success to date. The findings in this dissertation in the form of these propositions, namely: First, if the founders, entrepreneurs, and workers in a company comes from different cultural backgrounds (multicultural), then the corporate culture is formed, to grow and develop is an adaptive culture.
Second, if a corporate culture that grew and flourished in an adaptive enterprise, the high employee performance. Third, if the owner, management, and enterprise workers are able to articulate his ideas into the corporate culture is formed vision, mission and business strategy based on the ideals ¬ founding ideals, then the corporate culture, vision, and mission form the corporate identity.
Fourth, if employers and workers the company is able to take quick and coordinated actions against competitors or serve a customer, a strong corporate culture stable over time and are dynamic can be maintained. Fifth, if workers sense of corporate culture as a direction or guidelines for behavior, similarity measures, philosophy, vision, mission, and incentive to achieve performance, the entrepreneur defines corporate culture as one of the elements that can suppress the level of "turn over" workers, a guide in determining policy, a reference in planning the company (corporate planning) and business development, and shows at other companies about the uniqueness of the company.
Companies should have performance planning is a process in which employees and managers work together to plan what to do with employees in the coming year, determine how performance should be measured, identify and plan how to overcome obstacles, and achieve common understanding about the job. An employee's performance will be good if he has the expertise (skills) high, is willing to work for wages paid or given in accordance with the agreement, have the hope (expectation) better future.
PT. Sampoerna has successfully applied the concept so well that the organization can continue to grow rapidly from generation to generation for 92 years. Not a few obstacles and barriers that have been passed, but it can actually raise morale for the better. Improving product quality, and continue to innovate for customers is not saturated or bored with a homogeneous product.
Not only in quality products, PT. Sampoerna also has the vision to promote the Indonesian people by improving-quality education. Thus providing a variety of scholarship programs are not capable of achievement and from all levels through the Sampoerna Foundation.


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