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Azuma Ban It can read your mind

Written By thewinners on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 | 10:40 AM

Azuma Ban It can read your mind - Japanese companies, Neurowear, issued a headband that can read human brain waves. The products are headbands, 'Necomimi' has become a national trend called cherry.

The top pair of ear headbands Necomimi in there is like cat ears. That the unique key is generated human emotion indicators to read the EEG of the cat ears.

Darkmirage.com page, write us an ear that is connected to train cats to control our thoughts by telepathy? Headband sensor, if it is accurate reflexively move the cat ears.

Azuma Ban It can read your mind - If people are wearing the headbands tensions will rise to the cat ear headband. However, if you shoot in a relaxed state, it has come down to his ears.

But this is not going to Necomimi final product yet. At the end of this year, but they require a lot of development must be performed before it is sold freely. Azuma Ban It can read your mind


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