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When Failed Come, What should you do???

Written By thewinners on Saturday, May 21, 2011 | 12:14 PM

If you consider that you are destined to be a failure, meaning you knowingly. We do not know what will happen tomorrow, only Allah the Most Knowing, why we are ahead of God?
If you say something wrong ... then your answer is correct. Indeed there is something wrong.
What's mistake and who is wrong?

Failed Come As You Less Trying

You fail, if you quit. Your lack of trying. You can tell already tried 100 times, but could be 1,000 times need to succeed. Perhaps you've been trying for 1 year, you may have to wait 2 years to become successful. Alpha Thomas Edison do 10,000 times the experiment in finding the light bulb. If he is complaining and stop trying after he tried 100 times, maybe someone else who would be the inventor. A photography expert, should be photographed dozens or even hundreds of times to find the best shots. Everything needs to experiment, repeatedly, until you succeed.
Many people who build businesses, many years experience of loss, and he got lucky in the 3rd year or more. Many stories like this, if I write it will be a separate book. The point is, often times to achieve success, require a long time.
If you stop, it means you are choosing to fail. Or failure comes when you stop trying.

Failed To Those Who No Patience

Because success is a long journey, which requires a trial many times, even thousands of times. Who needs to travel a long time, so to succeed we need patience. Success is only for those who are steadfast on the right path. They continue to do the right thing, never give up and never stopped. This is because there are still many who hope that the success was instant. When success is not achieved then they stopped and decided to fail. Deciding to stop the same as deciding to fail. It could be a success that there are 3 steps away from where you stand today. When there is a desire to quit, remind yourself: "maybe only 3 steps away. "

Failed To Those Who Lack Science

You will never succeed, even though you've tried many times, if you do wrong. If you do not take lessons from past failures. If you do not take lessons from the successes of others. If you do not want to learn from various sources. You know just the wrong way. If you do not change it, you'll never succeed. Alpha Thomas Edison, perform the experiment 10,000 times, in different ways. Not in the same way. The difference could be from what you do or how you do it. And, you'll find other ways if you just science. Learn!

Expand Your Horizon

The failure is also common in people who are narrow horizonnya or insights. He is limiting himself, either to limit or restrict the means of achieving goals. For example, some say he has failed because it had three times tried to get into college (PTN). No more chance, he said. Yes, he did fail to enter the PTN, but the life he has not failed. There are still many opportunities for success even without the glasses from the PTN. Many people who succeed, even though he graduated from PTS, and even high school, junior high, elementary, school did not even once. So, do not narrow your success just by defining it with the incoming PTN. Keep trying, be patient, learn, and expand your horizons and do not forget to pray also. Hopefully, the failure does not continue to hit you.


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