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All About Minho- SHINee (Korean artist)

Written By thewinners on Saturday, May 21, 2011 | 12:15 PM

Born Dec. 9, 1991.Blood plus BMen's got a brother.SHINee are the case.Incheon is home.2006 found the audition "for the time SM Casting System,"SHINee entered in the dictionary, garment product model in the collection of March 2008 'in Seoul in F / W 08-09, "Summer is never ending virtual stock exchange.The position of Rappernya SHINee.I love the face of Korean type.Belo eyes.Small in size - in the face.High in the SHINee.PE-body.This appeared in music videos - Girls, Korean and Japanese.His father was a football coach in Iran.The children want to be the ideal player.Football Holic Minho and his older brother since childhood. Unfortunately, his father, I am very tired, as a matter of soccer players in the world of football was not allowed to be.Biography read like a book.Unlike other members, Minho and then thrown away ditawarin found. Why a smile at the end Sment been trained in the Minho.Conduct "Aegyo" deolyigi asked why the money off when you sing "Oh" is the song would never do. But "Aegyo" which turned out to have the phone ready for action at the supermarket is not. Supermarket check-out is: I can not express "his phone ????" Aigo * ... How embarrassing Minho. Enduring oppa .... *In many of the football game, "Winning Eleven" as a kind of game.Yoogeun barang2 providing play basketball.Because they know very well in Super Junior Donghae Given the iPod.DBSK Changmin eulganeun of Minho for the family.Slam Dunk Comic same.Most of the cartoons ngefans - "Hisashi Matsui." SubmittedIgnorant, money, health, or the same type of performance problems. That is why the little things ngeributin Minho "eh?A model made its debut as a singer as well.Romeo album is printed as SHINee.Most of the happy songs and dancing on stage!Talk a lot. Type laahh Ice Prince. Minho, but usually the word defend their "Do not stop ngoceh member wants to talk?"Love is like oxygen left to sing, Minho always imagined his fantasies.Very, very good running on amigo Yo music video and the charm of the wonderful scene.Taemin when she and her boyfriend as a girl to choose. So every time the ngegodain deket Taemin of Minho Minho Taemin always * - Oh, the ... Taemin tauuu property key Oppa ... kekekekekeke 'you next to me? are feeling the heat, "hePinter really any sport.Sleep most of the block, a person challenging King!Gag common use chopsticks to eat.competitive spirit is very high. Minho his father was a contract.Most like to eat ..Will play basketball together for the first time to invite his girlfriend. Because he gonna skillnya nunjukin same woman.Like most, like a puppy.I like the color blue.Number was 10.In most public places, most do not speak a word out of cepet Minho, key, or do not like Onew. Minho want to have a speech or a press conference in his hometown of the artist, usually has nyiapin. Welcome to your first example, I Shinee Minho "The tension has done. Karn sleep, I will say more can I say? It was a very long minute!"Other members between 3:00 and most sophisticated of the major added.He was very diligent in cleaning tablet of the tests is a very clean hostel SHINee to clean for him.The first Onew Minho, "It 's like a cartoon character," said I saw. If the key is "his life is full of selfishness." If the rich Jonghyun, "Oh, it's so beautiful! Above all very good eyes!"Sandwiches to take to heart what Yoogeun.Jonghyun Minho word that changed his facial expression as an adult, but if you dropped cengengesan behind the stage were on stage.He was perfect. And in line to recruit the best to be perfect! Of an absolute time, a song has the waiting time Rokkugo and hold the spectacle of red-faced songs directly tenangin Taemin same room is crying


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