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Smoking causes damage

Written By thewinners on Monday, May 23, 2011 | 1:09 AM

Bag in front of your eyes

If you can not get a good night's sleep you will not hate, or place it on your face display.
Kiwamu Ken smokers, according to Hopkins, who does not smoke can not secure more than four times higher.

Scaly skin

The scaly skin can affect anyone, including non-smokers. However, many smokers have the risk of scaly skin to move.

If you smoke a pack, according to a survey in 2007, Rocco date within 10 years, the risk increased by 50 at risk, years 20 meroko 60% of the risks that 11 is above 20 years, in addition to a 20% increase as percentage of flaky skin (including passive smoking during pregnancy and children is associated with a higher risk.)

Yellow teeth
Do you like white teeth Tiida? Please if you smoke, say goodbye to white teeth.

Aging, wrinkles
Experts smokers smoke an average of 1.4 years, so look older than non-smokers agree that the aging process.

Wrinkle face? Smoking is smooth, slow blood flow to the network to build a healthy skin.

The nicotine in cigarette smoke, (and the walls of your house), but can not get your teeth chocolate, make your nails yellow.

Thin Hair
Besides smoking, wrinkles the skin and damaged hair. Toxic chemicals in the hair follicle and smoke, experts say you can harm your DNA and generates free radicals that damage cells.

Smokers tend to have thin hair and balding gray faster than non-smokers.

According to a study of male smokers in Taiwan in 2007, two times in addition to genetic factors, non-smokers are more bald.

Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, narrowing of the arteries can now restrict the flow of oxygen-rich blood vessels in other parts of the face and body.

It may take some time to heal your wounds and even, meaning that smokers will have redder than Kii Hiroshi wounds.

Broken Teeth

Dental problems such as smoking and periodontal disease Oral cancer put a higher risk of all kinds.

In fact, the Association of periodontal disease clinical study of 2005 British smokers are at risk of potential non-smokers with periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss over six times.

Loss of natural appearance
Until now, the skin of smokers watch how it sometimes seem to die? 1985 study, the specific features and long-term smoking with wrinkles and came face to the gray appearance of skin caused by smoking to describe.

Tobacco smoke, leaving the skin dry and discolored, the skin of oxygen, nicotine, carbon monoxide, including reduced blood flow displacement. Smoking also protects Vitamin C helps repair skin damage, including spending a lot of nutrients.

Healing old wounds
Experts say smokers face lifts, tooth extractions, we found that it takes longer to recover after surgery and periodontal procedures.


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