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How To Romance

Written By thewinners on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 | 9:27 PM

Write a Love Letter.
Although impressed sangant classic, but well before dipergunakannya computer and SMS, dating to the past was done by exchanging romantic letters.

Hand in Hand.
When a man holding a woman's hand, or conversely a woman holding the hand of a man as they walked, then the classic message of love being sent someone to her partner. So all the time walking, holding hands is a recognized symbol of a love.

Give Surprise.
According to Gregory JP Godek, in his book "1001 To Be Romantic", a classic way to be romantic surprise them is the person you love with unexpected things, like small gifts. Think about what makes your loved ones will feel happy and bungkuskanlah it as a gift. If the special people love chocolate, chocolate as a gift wrap.

Special memories of you to Him.
If you want to be a classic romantic, you can give him a gold locket with a picture of yourself or both of you in these pendants. In his book, Gregory mentioned that this is one of the most classic ways to be romantic.


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