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fear in yourself

Written By thewinners on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 | 10:21 AM

fear in yourself -1. Pretend You Is A Courageous.

If you trade places with someone who is very brave, what would they do if they were in your position? If you know someone who is courageous, imagine how they would act. If you do not know people like that, think of a bold character from the movie or book. Spend one hour every day for a week to pretend to be them.

When you do this, go to a place where people do not know you and do not be surprised to see your actions that may be other than normal. Try to do and see what happens - you may find amazing things when you are brave, and you probably will feel confident to apply this attitude in your daily life.

2. Take Initiative.

When you have doubts - especially in interacting with others - keep your ego and take the first step. Ask your colleagues if they would go to a cafe for a drink after work. Tell the person you love that you have 2 concert tickets and you want that person to come with you. Give your best friend's arms and apologized for the mistake you ever made earlier. Smile and blink at the cashier that looks interesting.

3. Do Something Out of Alleged.

What can you do that will surprise some people who know you? Wearing high heels? Bungie jumping? Following the dance class? Courageous people are not afraid to try doing something new, and one reason they are very interesting to be around you is because they continue to make you guessing.

You can start from something small, maybe wearing clothing with colors or styles that you do not normally use, or visiting places not normally visit. In the end, you will reach a point where you have ideas that make other people fell open when you say it ("Are you serious? Rafting?" Or "You must be kidding. You want to buy a shop on the street?").

4. Ask for What You Want.

Rather than waiting to be recognizable because of your efforts, or expect someone to consider your needs, go and ask.

Some people feel that asking for something is the act of a greedy, selfish, and rude - and that's true, if you ask for something that does not belong to you. But if someone holding something that becomes your rights, they are greedy, selfish, and rude.

After all, what's the worst thing that could happen? They said no.

5. Risk Taking.

There is a difference between reckless and take risks. Careless people do not take the risk .. they do not think about risks. On the other hand, a very brave understand the risks that exist, and have decided to remain on the decisions they take, ready and willing to accept the consequences if the reality different from what they expected.

Think of an athlete who take risks every day. Are they careless? No. They take a measured risk. You may make a mistake, we all make mistakes. But not doing anything is also a mistake, something that can take you to the emptiness and regret. For some people, taking risks and failing is a very valuable experience than doing nothing.

Conversely, do not mix up the courage to aggressively. Aggressive often impose your opinions or actions on others. Courage has nothing to do with the people around you; courage is overcoming your fear and take action.

Remember, although you will feel very excited in doing something new, there remains the risk of failure because of your inexperience. Sikapi your failure, failure is not the opposite of success, failure is an important component of success. The opposite of success is silence.

6. Rediscover Yourself.

In essence, the courage comes from within yourself, from what you believe. Courage is not about what you do, but who you are. If you do not know yourself, you do not have to be brave.

Begin to appreciate your uniqueness. Find things that make you different and show the people around you. Devote attention and care for yourself because no matter what others say. That is the essence of courage.
fear in yourself 


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